Lindsay Watson

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Official Selection at Kashish Film Festival

What it Means To Be

Documentary Short
Dir: Lea Luiz De Oliveira 35 min / UK / English

Filmmaker Lea Luiz de Oliveira documents Callie Rose Petal who is a multidisciplinary artist-activist who uses her position in STEM to fight for trans* rights and representation. As the world’s doors close due to the pandemic and her health declines, her heart opens to the truth of her womanhood. She embarks on a journey of self-acceptance and turns to art-as-activism to inspire others. As she is about to start her medical transition, a diagnosis puts her health and her career into question, she embarks on a journey of self- acceptance and decides to use her music to inspire others.

Official Selection at Homographia Festival 

2023 – Belgium

Official Selection at Cinastra Festival 

2023 – Glasgow

Official Selection at Madrid Indie Film Festival 

2023 – Spain


Director – Léa Luiz De Oliveira

Music – lonely carp

Editors – Lindsay Watson, Adam Harper

Animation – Nisan Yetkin 

Cinematography – Lola Bourjac, Winifred Brook Young, Léa Luiz De Oliveira, Carlos Hernan, Magnus Huntly Grant

Sound – Keith Duncan Monika Ziska 

Executive Producer – Sinead Kirwan