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Official Trailer Editor

The trailer was edited from Director Karen Lamond’s short film Consumed which was edited by Gigi Welch. Grieving after an early miscarriage, Faye preserves the embryo in a jar of oil, and sleeps with it under her pillow. She shows her husband, expecting him to feel the same connection. Isolated when he questions her sanity instead, Faye must act to keep the embryo safe.


Director: Karen Lamond

Writer: Simone Pereira Hind

Producer: Penny Davies

Key Cast: Shauna Macdonald “Faye”

Key Cast: Emun Elliott “Tom”

Director of Photography: Simon Hawken

Editor: Gigi Cone Welch

Production Designer: Alice Cousins

Composer: Philip Pinsky

Vocals: Karen Matheson

Executive Producer: Carolynne Sinclair Kidd

Executive Producer: Holly Daniel

Executive Producer: Sean Greenhorn