Aden's Journey

Caring for Children Moving Alone: Protecting Unaccompanied and Separated Children​

Aden’s journey is a drama developed for a 6 week course for CELCIS and The University of Strathclyde about ‘Caring for children moving alone: Protecting Unaccompanied and Separated Children’. This drama is called ‘Aden’s Journey’. Each week on the course you will be able to see a new episode.

Episode 1

We are introduced to Aden. Aden lives with his family in a country that is badly affected by war, and his parents are worried about the danger he is in.

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Episode 2

In Episode 2 of Aden’s Journey, we see Aden after he has already been travelling for a long time. Aden has been passed from smuggler to smuggler and has now reached Eastern Europe.

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Episode 3

In the previous episode Aden relied on smugglers to get him across borders and the terrible experience he had when caught by a border guard. Aden is recording his journey on his mobile phone, and this allows him to stay in touch with his family. When CELSIS were developing this course, they spoke to young people who had been unaccompanied and separated children on the move. They told them how important their mobile phone was to them. It meant they could stay in touch with their family. It also helped them network with other children on the move, and learn from their experiences.

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Episode 4:

In the previous episode Aden took a different route and is now trying to reach North Africa so he can cross to Europe.

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Episode 5:

In the previous episode we heard Aden’s father telling him to continue his journey even though Aden felt settled and happy in his alternative care placement.

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Episode 6:

Throughout the series we have followed Aden through his difficult journey and met the people who have either hindered or helped him along his way. There are many children out there like him that are still scared, alone and travelling unaccompanied.

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Producer: Sinead Kirwan
Director: Jonny Blair
Writer: Chrissie Gale
Director of Photography: Carlo D’Allesandro
Art Director: Laura Strong
Composer: Lindsey Wright
Assistant Director: Ted Mitchell
Production Manager: Dorota Musolf
Makeup Artist: Madeleine Drewell
Sound: Jaime Soleto
Focus Puller: Sefa Ucbas
2nd Camera Assistant: Bartek Kloc
Spark: Conor Mackenzi
Spark: Stewart Torley
Art Department Assistant: Linzi Thompson
Art Department Assistant: Claire Hutchinson
Production Coordinator: Ruta Zuplaite
3rd Assistant Director/PA: Aaron Silmon de Monerri
Locations: Cultybraggan Camp and Edinburgh Multi-Cultural Family Base
Editor: Lindsay Watson
Colourist: Florian Viale
Sound Designer: Sashko Potter Micevski
Post Production Facility: FREAKWORKS